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Image by Seyi Ariyo


What is the Cancellation / Reschedule Policy?

All cancellations and reschedules forfeit your session's $100 deposit. Anothedeposit will be due upon rescheduling. 

Do you do Touch Ups?

All touch ups are free for as long as you have the tattoo! Touch up appointments take priority, so reach out whenever you need one and I will get you taken care of. Keep in mind I will only touch up my own work for free.

Do you do Cover Ups?

Usually not, but send me a picture and if it's something I feel comfortable doing we will make it happen!

Can we use Numbing Cream?

I'm sorry, but no :( There is not a regulated industry standard for numbing creams. I have seen cases where the use of it has negatively affected a tattoo's color, healing, and tolerance. If you have applied numbing cream at home before coming in, I unfortunately will have to turn you away.

How do Flash pieces work?

Flash pieces will be released monthly on my Instagram page. Each flash is assigned a number, so when booking a flash please refer to the number!

Big/Heavily Detailed flash pieces are first come first serve. That means whoever puts down a deposit on the flash number first gets the tattoo, and I will not tattoo the design again.

Medium/More Detailed flash will be tattooed up to 3 times as 3 different variations. This approach allows more people a chance to get tattooed while still keeping the process unique. Once a design has reached that limit, it will be retired! 

Small/Dainty flash pieces are repeatable for as long as there is interest :) 


We are located inside of The Lafayette Barber! Downtown Lafayette has cute mom n' pop shops along with great restaurants. If you're traveling in from out of town, make a day of it!


Shop minimum is $200 an hour, subject to change for size, design  detail and placement


Exfoliate + moisturize area to be tattooed for 1 week prior to your appointment. Avoid sun and make sure to eat + hydrate before coming in!


Payment is accepted through Venmo and cash only, tips are appreciated but not required :)

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