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Consult a physician at the first sign of an adverse reaction (i.e., swelling, infection, illness, allergic reaction or disease); tattoos should be considered permanent, and only be removed with a surgical or laser procedure and that any affective removal may leave scarring. Outside of the normal limits of healing, any concerns that your body art has resulted in complication should be reported to Boulder County Public Health; 303-441-1100 --- 3450 Broadway, Boulder CO 80304 Blu Bandit is Licensed by BCPH.

Skin Texture

Your 2 Week Primary Care Routine

0-5 days after
receiving a tattoo

First off, listen to your body and what it needs:

— Avoid sweating while your bandage is on for best healing

— Your bandage will protect your clothes and sheets from ink stains

— Be gentle of the area around your bandage to avoid peeling

— If your bandage peels, exposing the tattoo, go ahead and remove

— You can shower with your bandage on, just do not scrub the area

— Avoid sun exposure!

Day 5

— Remove bandage after 5 days

— Remove in the shower using warm water by peeling slowly

— Peel bandage from top to bottom in the direction of hair growth

— Wash gently with any antibacterial + unscented soap

— No need to scrub, just gently wash :)

— Pat dry with a paper towel only or let air dry

— Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion

Day 5 -14

— Wash + Moisturize 2-3x a day

— No soaking of any kind: pools, hot tubs, baths, saunas

— Continue to avoid sun exposure!

Day 5 -Onward

— You can now soak up sun with spf 30+

— Moisturize daily or whenever you notice your tattoo is dry

— Enjoy your tattoo as it ages with you and treat it with love!

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